Low Blood Pressure and Impaired Well Being

Low blood pressure and impaired well being seem to be correlated, when systolic blood pressure is below 110 mmHg. Please read the following … Continue reading →

Medications That Affect Balance

Here are some of the commonly prescribed medications that affect balance include:*,** •     antidepressants •     anti-anxiety drugs • … Continue reading →

Improper Biomechanics and Disease

Although most people think of the cells in our body as floating around in some sort of biologic liquid, the fact is that all the cells in … Continue reading →

Biotin For Eczema

In a case study from The Lancet, biotin for eczema was used on a 10 month old presenting with severe eczema. Topical steroids did not … Continue reading →

Neurolymphatic Reflexes via Applied Kinesiology: a case report of low back pain

A recent article sent to me by Dr. Donald McDowall from the medical journal JMPT titled "...Neurolymphatic Reflexes via Applied Kinesiology: … Continue reading →

New Office Location In Denver

I am excited to announce that I will be helping patients restore and maintain their health throughout the greater Denver area in my new … Continue reading →