Is taking a Multi-Vitamin Healthy or Un-Healthy?

Is taking a Multi-Vitamin Healthy or Un-Healthy?

If you have been reading the news lately there has been some controversy over taking a multi-vitamin due to a recent study on Iowa women suggesting an increased risk for mortality when taking a multi-vitamin.

Well, as usual and unfortunately , the mainstream media tends to exaggerate or skew what the facts actually are.

In a recent article from the Harvard School of Public Health, many flaws in the Iowa study are pointed out. In summary The Harvard School of Public Health indicated the Iowa study was flawed and they believe it is still a good idea, especially for people who do not eat well, to take a daily multi.

I do disagree with the some statements in the Harvard article. It says if you are eating enough vegetables and fruits that you do not need a vitamin. They do point out that no one really does eat enough of these foods, however it should be noted that even if the you did eat your full servings of these food that most fruits and vegetables no longer have the micro-nutrient content that they once did due to soil nutrient depletion.


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