Biotin For Eczema

Biotin For Eczema

In a case study from The Lancet, biotin for eczema was used on a 10 month old presenting with severe eczema. Topical steroids did not improve the skin. It was suspected that the child may have not been getting enough biotin, which is a b-vitamin the body needs for cell growth and metabolism of fat and protein. When tested the child revealed a deficiency, which is typically rare due to intestinal production of biotin. However, if the healthy bacteria of the intestines is compromised due to diet, allergies, etc. then a deficiency is plausible. It would also be logical to assume that an indivdual with severe eczema may have a requirement larger than what the body naturally produces on its own.

After a 2mg per day of biotin for eczema the rash was improved after two days and almost completely resolved after 3 weeks! If you identify and give the body what it needs, it can typically heal itself. Treat your body with respect, find an applied kinesiologist or another skilled health professional to help you identify yur body’s needs and your body will reward you with health and well-being.

Source: The Lancet, Volume 381, Issue 9881, Page 1958, 1 June 2013, Thank you Dr. McDowall for sending me this information!

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